Screen Time Images provides cutting edge DVD production services which include pre-production planning and DVD layout design, still and motion menu design, DVD package design, and complete DVD pre-mastering. Let us help you take your DVD from initial concept, all the way through to the finished product.

Our DVD pre-mastering services encompass the full range of features available in the DVD specification including 9 camera angles, 8 audio tracks, and 32 subtitle tracks.

MPEG-2 encoding from a range of original sources with either constant or variable bit rate ensures the quality of the end product.r

PCM or Dolby Digital audio encoding will maintain sonic integrity and guarantee sharp and clear audio performance from your final DVD.

We will take all of your individual elements and author them into a seamless, intriguing DVD presentation.

Screen Time Images uses:

Sonic Solutions DVD Authoring
and Encoding Workstations

Digitial Vision
scene-by-scene pre-processing

Pioneer DVD-R Drives


Digital Betacam
Beta SP
Quicktime Movie
Digital File