For Immediate Release

March 31, 2005

Screen Time Images hires Tim Malone as V.P. of Sales and Marketing.

Schaumburg, IL – Schaumburg, IL. Screen Time Images has announced they have hired Tim Malone as V.P. of Sales and Marketing. Mr. Malone will serve to expand Screen Time’s global reach and leadership position for digital film restoration services. He will also provide technical sales expertise for Screen Time’s software distribution division, supporting Mystika and Xstoner.

Mr. Malone is a 25 year veteran of the TV/Film industry, working in both technical and marketing capacities. Most recently Mr. Malone was with daVinci Systems where he served as Product Manager and Sr. Product Specialist for daVinci’s leading edge Revival film restoration system. Previously Mr. Malone held positions of Customer Support Manager and Marketing Operations Manager at Sierra Design Labs after leaving Chyron’s West Coast division as Vice President of Customer Support for CMX Editing, Aurora Paint/Animation, and Jaleo compositing systems. In the early 80’s he worked in the research and development lab of Packet Cable, early pioneers in interactive cable TV systems.

According to Sean McKee, owner of Screen Time Images, “We’re real excited about having Tim on board. While he was Product Manager of da Vinci’s Revival film restoration system, we worked closely with him since the inception of the system. Having Tim join our team made total sense, as no other salesperson could offer the hands-on technical knowledge of film restoration and digital processing that he brings, which allows him to handle a client’s needs with a full understanding of all the steps involved in restoring a film.”

Mr. Malone notes “Screen Time, with its array of tools and talent is in a unique position in the field of restoration and remastering. This being their main focus has made them among the best in the world and their continual quest and acquisition of new technologies will insure that they remain on the cutting edge. The burgeoning HD market and the public’s increased awareness of quality will be driving forces in Screen Time’s future growth. I look forward to helping them drive that growth.”

Screen Time Images has restored thousands of classics films and television programs for DVD release and theatrical rerelease. Services and pricing are designed to accommodate every type of project and budget range, from clients with public domain material looking to perform a low-cost automatic dirt removal, to clients with rights to A-list movies wanting to bring the film to perfection through frame-by-frame restoration.

Screen Time Images Inc. is located at 974 Estes Court, Schaumburg, IL 60193. They can be reached at 847-534-9000. Web site is