Restoration is the art of taking a film damaged by repeated projections, mishandling, improper storage, and the ravages of time, and returning the film to its original picture quality and sound clarity. Screen Time Images has perfected techniques for removing noise, speckles, scratches, and splice damage, as well as grain reduction, which enables the MPEG-2 encoding and compression process for DVDs to go smoothly without any visual artifacts. Entire scenes can be digitally re-created if necessary.

Image processing services range from a supervised telecine session all the way to the final DVD master with packaging design. Using a combination of high-end commercial hardware and software products and proprietary software and techniques developed in-house, Screen Time Images can make archival footage and classic films look and sound like the day it
was shot.

Our restoration work was featured at the 2003 Academy Awards / Oscars, during actor Peter O'Toole's career retrospective.

Some of the titles/artists/series we have restored include:

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Davey & Goliath
Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman
Lady Snowblood
The Jackie Gleason Show
The Lost Honeymooners
Orson Welles' Othello
The Trial
The Stranger
Vincent Price
Beverly Hillbillies
Dick Van Dyke
Andy Griffith

Francis Ford Coppola's
Dementia 13
Superman cartoons
Popeye cartoons
The Lone Ranger
Our Town
The Three Stooges
Charlie Chaplin
He Walked By Night
Ozzie & Harriet
Dick Tracy
Burns & Allen
Jack Benny

and many more. We've cleaned up their act,
let us clean up yours!