For users of Discreet Flint, Flame, Inferno, Smoke and Fire, we offer the XStoner product from Light Inc., as the exclusive U.S. distributor and support center. XStoner is the most useful and elegant networking utility for connecting your PC or Mac (Mac client under development) to your Discreet advanced system, allowing for proxy-based browsing of your Discreet Stone storage system's partitions, libraries and clips, scrubbing of clips, background import/export of clips with audio and timecode, format conversion, batch processing and more.

WebStoner is a Java based client software that will allow you to make visible a library from your Discreet system available through a web browser, with total security, useful for remote client previews.

Pricing starts at 1500 Euros, and includes 1 server, 3 clients, and the WebStoner server/client. Volume discounts and additional clients are available.

XStoner now supports V5/V8 multi-resolution stones!