America’s only Wet Gate HD, 2K & 4K Film Transfer System

Screen Time Images is pioneering the beginning of a new era in film transfer and restoration by offering the only high-resolution wet gate film transfer system in the United States, known as LiquiDefinition™.

The film transfer suite is centered around the Cintel / ITK Millennium Machine telecine/scanner, and da Vinci color correction. The system can transfer film in SD, HD, 2K & 4K high-resolution data. Optical and magnetic audio is simultaneously transferred, unlike traditional HD telecine suites, which require the audio to be transferred separately and synched on another machine.

The exclusive LiquiDefinition™ high resolution wet gate system is designed to remove scratches and dirt during the transfer, and offers far superior results to any form of digital restoration.

Colorists Peter Pyskacek and Frank Sparano revitalize the classics and color new creative imagery. SD & HD are transferred in real-time, while high-resolution 2K & 4K data is scanned at approximately 15 frames per second and 4 frames per second, respectively. The system supports 16mm, Super 16mm, 35mm and Super 35mm formats.

Film – to – disc transfers are also available in all uncompressed 4:4:4 formats, and delivered on a portable firewire hard drive.

To read a semi-technical document detailing the advantages of our system, including a comparison to the Spirit telecine, click here.

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